Monday, December 27, 2010

Prostitution of Originality

Apparently I'm included in the latest release in Zan Hoffman's "Prostitution of..." series! Sweet!

- William A. Davison

Monday, December 20, 2010

Terrible Spool review

Very nice review of Thomas Carnacki's "The Disappearance of this Terrible Spool" CD (which includes some clankings and mutterings of Recordist origin) on the site!

You may read it here.

- William A. Davison

Friday, December 17, 2010

Frowning in Frownland

And we Recordists got good reason to frown. One of our heroes Don Van Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart, died today!

This is so damn sad. Well...the dust blows forward 'n the dust blows back!

- William A. Davison

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Halifax punks

I'm going to be talking to Sam Sutherland tomorrow. Sam's writing a book about Canadian punk! I hope to be able to fill in some details about the East Coast scene for him. Well, I'm no expert but every little bit helps, right? Anyway, in preparation for the interview I dug out some old zines and had a good laugh looking through them. Then I got the idea that Sam, and probably a bunch of other folks, would appreciate having copies of these things. So I scanned them and put them up on Sendspace as PDFs. Here are the links:

Squirming Vomit #4

RePress #1

RePress #2

RePress #2.5

Don't know how long I'll leave these up so, if you're interested, get them while you can!

- William A. Davison

Friday, December 10, 2010

Six Heads tomorrow!

Jeezlaweez, these shows do have a tendency to creep up on me! Almost forgot to announce this one! Six Heads is playing tomorrow evening (Sat. Dec. 11) as part of the Wintage 5-Year Anniversary Fest. Here are the details:


Wintage is celebrating 5 years of releasing some of the most progressive & experimental sounds by Toronto artists, as well as those from across the globe. This fest will celebrate new Wintage releases by local free-punk duo Preanderthals, harsh noise legend Knurl, Matt Dunn’s Transcendental Rodeo and a split between free-spazz duo Gravitons & Sonic Youth front man Thurston Moore!

This fest will also coincide with Coolfest Toronto on Dec 9th & 12th, a traveling avant fest curated by Blake Hargreaves and now taking place in 5 different cities this Year. All proceeds will go towards the St. James Drop In Centre in Montreal.

Check out all the details below. Come to every show & get a special Wintage Super Fan Prize Pack on Sunday!

Poster soon, get busy, get psyched. Support weird music in Toronto!

Wednesday December 8th 2010
Roman Pilates
Transcendental Rodeo
Pon De Replay
@ Korova Milk Bar (488 College St)
9pm, PWYC

Thursday December 9th 2010
co-presented with Fluorescent Friends/Coolfest & Burn Down The Capital
Failing Lights (mem. Wolf Eyes/Hair Police)
Stare Case (mem. Wolf Eyes)
Sick Llama
Cotton Museum
@ Teranga (159 Augusta Ave)
9pm, $6


Friday December 10th 2010
co-presented with Burn Down The Capital
Poverty Hymns
Keir Neuringer
Bonsai Forestry
installations by Jeff Garcia
@ Tranzac (292 Brunswick Ave)
9:30pm, $5


Saturday December 11th 2010
Man Made Hill
Six Heads
@ 460 (460 Spadina Ave)
9pm, PWYC

Sunday December 12th 2010
co-presented with Fluorescent Friends/Coolfest & Burn Down The Capital
James Ferraro
Twig Harper
Chaw Mank
@ Teranga (159 Augusta Ave)
9pm, $6



Roman Pilates:
Transcendental Rodeo:
Pon De Replay:

Failing Lights:
Stare Case:
Sick Llama:
Cotton Museum:

Poverty Hymns:
Keir Neuringer:
Bonsai Forestry:

Man Made Hill:
Six Heads:

James Ferraro:
Twig Harper:
Chaw Mank:


Hope to see you tomorrow night!

- William A. Davison

Thursday, November 25, 2010

RIP Sleazy

Sad news. Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, Coil, etc.) died in his sleep yesterday at the age of 55. A tremendous loss!

- William A. Davison

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stactor myspace

Working on a Myspace profile for M.Stactor. It's mostly functional now so I'm sending along the link:

Have a boo when you get a chance.

- William A. Davison

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dayton/Davison performance

Just a quick note to let you all know I'll be performing a short set on Halloween night in collaboration with Robert Dayton (S.Higgins may join us as well). Here are the details:

Inside Voices - Real Halloween
Sunday, Oct. 31, 9pm
1059 Bathurst St.

the border between this world and the otherworld becomes thin on this night

we are opening our house to the hallowed and the haunted

to celebrate the end of the lighter half of the year
and the beginning of the darker half . . .

guided tours from 7pm -9pm
spirits will be loose in the house from 9pm on . . .

installations by

performances by

sound installations + live performances from


we will practice divination w/ drink and trippy treats
until the sun rises on all saints day

This is a house party so expect it to be very crowded and a lot of fun!

Hope to see you there!

- William A. Davison

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Carnacki CD

Just received a package in the mail from our dear friend Gregory Scharpen out in Berkeley and contained within said package were several copies of the new Thomas Carnacki CD "The Disappearance Of This Terrible Spool"!

As if that weren't exciting enough, "Gansevoort Two-Step," which is track 4 of this CD, includes a fairly sizable contribution from your humble Recordists (i.e. me and Sherri)!

Thomas Carnacki is the alter-ego of Mr. Scharpen and this is the second Carnacki CD on his own Alethiometer Records label, following the 2006 release of the "Far Voyage From A Placid Island" CD. Both discs are excellent and can be purchased from the man himself ( ) or through Aquarius Records in San Francisco, Other Music in New York, and in the case of the "Far Voyage" CD, through CD Baby and ICR Distribution (Europe).

"Gansevoort Two-Step" is comprised of edited excerpts from the second of two collaborative Thomas Carnacki/Recordists performances which were presented in New York City in May of 2008 as part of the 2008 Whitney Biennial. Both collaborations were quite fruitful and yielded a wealth of useful material and we are discussing the possibility of a full-length release of some sort. We'll let you know when and if that seems imminent.

There's a nice write-up for the "Terrible Spool" CD on the website of Aquarius Records and the "Gansevoort Two-Step" track was recently aired on Brian Turner's show on WFMU. We'll continue to track any reviews, blog-posts, airplay, etc. for this release and keep you informed.

- William A. Davison

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tits and Heads!

Two performances coming up this weekend!

First off, although it seems difficult to comprehend how this could have happened, Magic Tits will be making their second public appearance this Friday evening at Smiling Buddha! Someone has obviously taken leave of their senses (possibly me, for starting this project in the first place).

Smiling Buddha Showcase featuring
Kick the Door Down Jackie
Magic Tits!
9:30pm $5 cover
(Magic Tits are on at 11pm)

961 College St. (just west of Dovercourt)

Here are some video clips of the Tits in action (so you know, more or less, what to expect):

And then!

On Sunday evening Six Heads is tickled pink (note I didn't use that phrase in reference to Magic Tits!) to be opening for Robert Millis (Climax Golden Twins)! This will be the Toronto premiere of his most recent film "This World Is Unreal Like A Snake In A Rope" and there will be a rare solo performance by Mr. Millis as well. Oh, and I just found out GFR are playing too! An event not to be missed!!

Wintage Records & Tapes is proud to present

Film screening for new Sublime Frequencies documentary;

A film by Robert Millis (Sublime Frequencies)
55 minutes
A collage of sights and sounds from the eternal never-ending collage that is INDIA. A trip through the Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu featuring Hindu trance ceremonies, nagaswaram improvisations, impossibly loud cities, processions, blessings, color, abstractions, detail, music and more. India is impossible to know: it is too vast, too rich and too much of a dream. Offered here is one perspective, one dream, subjective and flawed, hanging by a thread. Robert Millis is a musician and artist, a founding member of Climax Golden Twins and AFCGT and a frequent contributor to the Sublime Frequencies and Dust to Digital record labels. His previous films include Phi Ta Khon: Ghosts of Isan and My Friend Rain and was the co-author of Victrola Favorites released on Dust to Digital in 2008.

A rare live solo performance by the Director and Climax Golden Twins founding member Robert Millis

With special opening guests

Six Heads & Gastric Female Reflex

Sunday October 10th, 2010 (10/10/10)
Live at Teranga (158 Agusta Ave, Toronto)
Doors: 7pm Film Screening: 8pm Performances: 9pm

- William A. Davison

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Six Heads with Alan Bloor

Six Heads will be playing a collaborative set with Alan Bloor (Knurl/Pholde) this Thursday at Somewhere There.

Thursday, Sept. 23rd, 8pm. $8

Final Alan Bloor residency

Six Heads with Alan Bloor- violin

Six Heads is W.A.Davison, S.Higgins, J.Bailey, C.Hinz, P.Mosher, and L.Feesey.
We play found objects, homemade instruments, circuit-bent toys, electronics,
field recordings, etc.

9pm. Odradek with David Sait and Alan Bloor

Michelangelo Iaffaldano- homemade instruments
Jim Bailey- found objects
Andy Yue- synths
David Sait- guzheng
Alan Bloor- metal and violin

Somewhere There
Live Creative Music in Toronto
227 Sterling rd, unit 112, entrance off of Bloor at Ruttan St.

Hope to see you there!
- William A. Davison

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Komikaze 24 + La Bande Détournée

The latest issue of the Croatian online comix magazine Komikaze has some really great stuff in it (as do most of their issues) but this particular strip by Dalibor Baric is blowing my freakin' mind!

I've been working on a détourned comic that uses anagrams myself...hmmm, should I bother to finish mine? Yeah, mine will be different. But Baric's is sooooooo good! Love it!

Speaking of détourned comics, at TCAF earlier this year I handed out a bunch of flyers to promote the idea of a détourned comics anthology called "La Bande Détournée". Didn't get much response so I put the idea on the back burner for the time being (as you may know, I have a lot of projects). But last weekend at Zine Dream 3 I was speaking with Marc Bell and he said he was thinking about giving me some material for "La Bande Détournée". I'm a big fan of Marc's work so if he's interested then maybe I should take the project off the back burner and put some heat under it! Seeing Baric's inspiring work also makes me think I should push the LBD anthology idea.

So, yeah, check out the LBD flyer and if you're interested in doing something with appropriated/manipulated/détourned comics, or if you know of someone whose work might fit, get in touch with me at davison(at)recordism(dot)com!

- William A. Davison

Monday, August 23, 2010

I been blogged!

Nice review/article about Disembraining Songs on the always interesting MuhMur blog. Even gives Magic Tits a bad review. Awesome! Check it out at

And if you do visit the above link, you will notice mention of a new Six Heads CD. Yes indeed, there is a new Six Heads CD called "Snuffles"! It was released at the end of last month a matter of days before our appearance at Electric Eclectics Festival. Info on "Snuffles" and other Disembraining Songs releases can be found at

Keepin' it surreal!

- William A. Davison

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Correction to a couple of the links posted yesterday:

address for Surrism Phonoethics should be (although I think works too)

address for "Six Heads or The Appearance of Hairs Band" download at Surrism Phonoethics should be

- William

Friday, August 6, 2010


Recordist update #1 for Aug. 6, 2010:

Six Heads just got back from an appearance at Electric Eclectics Festival in Meaford, ON. Had a blast and totally rocked our set (if I do say so myself)! Lineup for the performance consisted of James Bailey, Linda Feesey, Sherri Lyn Higgins, Peter Mosher, myself and Joda Clément (filling in for Colin Hinz who wasn't able to make the gig).

Here's a video clip from our performance.


Recordist update #2 for Aug. 6, 2010:

Carrying on with Six Heads news, I'm pleased to announce the re-release of the first Six Heads CD "Six Heads or The Appearance of Hairs Band" as a free download! The disc has been unavailable for some time so I'm very happy to see the material back in circulation. Many thanks to the marvelous netlabel Surrism Phonoethics for making this happen (lots of excellent releases on this label, you should definitely have a good look at what's there)!

You can download "Six Heads or The Appearance of Hairs Band" from the following sources:


Recordist update #3 for Aug. 6, 2010:

I will be performing this Saturday, Aug. 7/10 at Teranga in Kensington Market as part of the "noise super group" Property Damage. The lineup for the group consists of myself, Alan Bloor (Knurl), Ryan Clark (The Dead Are Those Who Have Died), and Kevin Crump (Disguises, Roman Pilates). The event is in celebration of the birthdays of both Kevin Crump and Greydyn Gatti (Wolfcow, Toddler Body). HAPPY B-DAY GUYS!

Saturday, August 7, 9pm
Teranga African Bar
159 Augusta Ave., Toronto
Pay What You Want

Property Damage
The Soup Cans

Th-th-th-that's all folks! (until the next update)
- William A. Davison

Sunday, July 18, 2010

new collective drawings!

Posted some new collective drawings over at Halloween Island. Collab between The Recordists, Enrique Lechuga, and Les Boules during our trip to Montreal last month. Check 'em out!

- William A. Davison

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I'm performing tomorrow evening in a duo with Tomasz Krakowiak as part of the Leftover Daylight series at Somewhere There.

For some reason there has been absolutely no promotion whatsoever for this show...not even on the venerable Soundlist! OK, not exactly true, as I noticed today a hastily constructed Facebook event page put together by Joda Clement (thanks JC!). Consequently, I can't tell you much about who else may be playing tomorrow night. Here's what I do know:

Friday, July 9, 2010, 8pm - 11pm
Leftover Daylight Series
$8 admission

probably three sets of improvised music, one of which will be William Davison (amplified objects) and Tomasz Krakowiak (percussion)

at Somewhere There
Live Creative Music in Toronto
340 Dufferin Street
(one block south of Queen Street
** entrance from Melbourne Ave. **)

Well, I'm sure you'll all agree that the duo of Davison and Krakowiak alone is worth the 8 bucks admission! Anything after that is a bonus!

See you at Somewhere There!

- William A. Davison

PS: when I said "thanks JC" I meant Joda Clement, not the other JC!

Monday, June 28, 2010

SOTNE pics

"Japanese Ghosts" improvised sound collage by Songs of the New Erotics (W.A.Davison), Studio 303, Toronto, June 27, 2010 (title by S.Higgins) - 1/4" open reel tape, amplified objects, home-built instruments, voice, field recordings and prerecorded studio material on CDR, hand-manipulated vinyl, loops and effects. Photos by S.Higgins.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

last minute show!

Sorry for the extremely short notice on this one!

( s u n d a y ) June 27th 2 o 1 o

S h o w at 8

(at) Studio 3o3 - 888 dupont St., Toronto

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Filip Anton

Roman Pilates

Songs of The New Erotics

Special screening of:

"Woman in the Dunes" (1964) by Hiroshi Teshigahara

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
See you there cheese cakes!


mmmm...cheese cake!

- William A. Davison (aka Songs of the New Erotics, in case you didn't know)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Monday is canceled

The show that Six Heads were set to perform in on Monday the 21st has been canceled. Sorry about that folks!

We're still on for Friday the 25th though so maybe we'll see you at Somewhere There!

- William A. Davison

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Six Heads performances

An extremely rare and terrifying occurrence is about to take place. Two Six Heads appearances in the same week!! Gasp! We dare you to come to both of them!

The Hazy Projects - Noise Party
Smiling Buddha
961 College St., Toronto
Mon., June 21, 9pm
$5 cover, 19+event

Six Heads
Bonsai Forestry
Death Haze


Friday 25 June, 8pm, $8
Leftover Daylight Series

i abbott/ payne/ willes
[simeon abbott (electronics) david payne (electronics) chris willes

ii six heads
[james bailey (found objects, homemade instruments, electronics)
william davison (found objects, homemade instruments, electronics)
linda feesey (found objects, homemade instruments, electronics) sherri
higgins (found objects, homemade instruments, electronics) colin hinz
(found objects, homemade instruments, electronics) pete mosher (found
objects, homemade instruments, electronics)]

iii ther-e-tubby-installation-al
[theremins, noisings, teletubbies, dancers and more... with christine
duncan and a host of friends]

june's guest curator is christine duncan

Somewhere There
Live Creative Music in Toronto
340 Dufferin Street
(one block south of Queen Street
** entrance from Melbourne Ave. **)

Six Heads will also be playing at this year's Electric Eclectics festival. More info on that soon!

- William A. Davison

Monday, June 14, 2010


Several announcements that could have been made a month ago, had I had the time (still highly relevant though!):

1) The recording from Magic Tits' debut performance last December has now been made available as a 3" CDR on Disembraining Songs. More info at

2) United Automatons Dispatch, the series of one-page art zines I started last year, is now up to issue #9. All 9 issues are available from me. Info at

3) I have a new one-page comic called "Gloon!" in issue #3 of Fiona Smyth's wonderful comic/art anthology series The Wilding. Check out for further information.

4) Some changes at That stale, old "The Recordists" website that used to represent the collective activities of The Recordists has been taken offline. In its place stands a shiny, new Myspace page -

Henceforth, this Myspace page will represent the current and upcoming collective activities of The Recordists as well as hosting a fair bit of archival material.

We are also working on a much more comprehensive online archive of Recordist artifacts, not surprisingly called "The Recordist Archive", but it will likely be a number of months before it sees the light of day. Eventually, the Myspace page and the archive site will work together to provide a more thorough coverage of The Recordists' collective activities than any of our previous websites.

- William A. Davison

Sunday, May 30, 2010

new portfolio site

Just uploaded a simple gallery/portfolio site for my visual art. Have a boo here, if you are so inclined.

- William A. Davison

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

collage/drawing collab

Two new collective collage/drawings by S.Higgins, W.A.Davison and E.Lechuga, May 12, 2010.

- William A. Davison

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Two gigs

Two gigs coming up this week:

Alien Life Bomb
Tue., May 18, 10pm
at the Tranzac, 292 Brunswick Ave., Toronto


Leftover Daylight Series

i lumley/ parker
[aaron lumley (bass) liam parker (guitar)]

ii colin fisher solo
[colin fisher (guitars, etc.)]

iii william davison & friends
[william davison (guitar, effects) + others tba]

may's guest curator is arnd jurgensen

Somewhere There
Live Creative Music in Toronto
340 Dufferin Street
one block south of Queen Street
** entrance from Melbourne Ave. **

- William A. Davison

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Kind of a last-minute thing but Emunctory of Dreams Press/Disembraining Songs (aka me) will be selling some stuff at this year's Toronto Comic Arts Festival. I'll be there all day Saturday (9am - 5pm) in the "Small Press Schooner Room" on the second floor. Should be a blast! of my heroes will be at TCAF this year...Jim Woodring! OMG! OMG! OMG! If I sound like a giddy schoolgirl, it's 'cause I am! I totally am!

- William A. Davison

PS: I have brand new product. I'll tell you about that later (or visit me at TCAF and find out in person!)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hausner book launch

Long-time friend and associé surréaliste Beatriz Hausner will be launching her new book this Thursday and, as if this news weren't exciting enough, gracing the book's cover is a beautiful new collage by my delightful and talented partner Ms. Higgins! If at all possible, we would love to see you at the launch!

Quattro Books Spring Launch

Thursday, May 6, 2010, 7:30pm

at The Annex Live

296 Brunswick Ave., Toronto

Also launching books that evening are Gregory Betts and Jim Christy.

- William A. Davison

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Songs of the New Erotics performance from 1996.

- William A. Davison

Monday, April 26, 2010

guitar duo

Guitar duo with Ryan Clark (The Dead Are Those Who Have Died) coming up tomorrow evening!


Tuesday 27 April, 8pm, $8

1.Joda Clement (synth), Michelangelo Iaffaldano (misc)
2.Pau Torres, Tomasz Krakowiak (percussion)
3.Ryan Clark (guitar), William Davison (guitar)
4. Sean Dunal (percussion)

Somewhere There
Live Creative Music in Toronto
340 Dufferin Street
one block south of Queen Street
** entrance from Melbourne Ave. **


First time playing with Ryan and I'm very much looking forward to it! Hope to see you there!

- William A. Davison

Monday, April 19, 2010

Woo Woo! Woo hoo!

Hey kids! I'll be doing a bit of improvised, found-object sound collage in this event on Saturday.

253469 presents "The Desert of Woo Woo"
April 24, 8pm
1267 Bloor St. West, Toronto
A challenging program of short art videos, video loops, audio &
performance all driven by the twin concepts of Aleatoricism and
Woo woo. There will be a large set construction to receive any
and all projections and manifestations as well as performances
by dummies, machines and humans.

Participating artists include David Bateman, Angela E. De
Crescenzo, William Davison, Theo Pelmus, Istvan Kantor,
Christina Kozak, Robert Morpheal, Kathleen Reichelt, Wesley
Rickert and others. All artists will be present in body or spirit.
(Free admission)

253469 is an interdisciplinary art space that is not ruled by
commerce, academia, politics or common sense. Currently
located at 1267 Bloor Street West (just east of Lansdowne)
253469 is managed by 253 & 469. To contact 253 or 469
please email or call 416.653.9919

woo-woo: adj. concerned with emotions, mysticism, or
spiritualism; other than rational or scientific; mysterious; new
agey. Also n., a person who has mystical or new age beliefs.
Sometimes woo-woo is used by skeptics as a synonym for
pseudoscience, true-believer, or quackery. But mostly the term is
used for its emotive content and is an emotive synonym for such
terms as nonsense, irrational, nutter, nut, or crazy.(reference:

Aleatoricism is the creation of art by chance, exploiting the
principle of randomness. The word derives from the Latin word
alea, the rolling of dice. It should not be confused with either
improvisation or indeterminacy. See also: Automatic drawing,
Surrealist automatism, Pareidolia, and Apophenia. Aleatoric
methods have been used in artistic composition for thousands of
years, and were popularized in the early 20th century by the
Dada movement. (reference:

hmmm...performances by dummies, machines and humans...not sure which category I fall into. Come by Saturday night and see if you can figure it out!

- William A. Davison

Friday, April 2, 2010

Dutton Davison vids

Paul Dutton and William Davison at "The Most Horrible Night In Your Life Vol. 11", Mar. 15, 2010.

- William A. Davison

Friday, March 26, 2010


Here's another one:

Sunday March 28th, 8pm, $8

NOW Series
8pm: Scott Peterson (bass), TBA (visuals)
9pm: Triunx: Paul Dutton (voice), Tomasz Krakowiak (percussion),
William Davison (electronics)

Somewhere There
Live Creative Music in Toronto
340 Dufferin Street
one block south of Queen Street
** entrance from Melbourne Ave. **

Hope to see you Sunday!

- William A. Davison

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Most Horrible Night In Your Life #11

Ah yes, the joys of another "Most Horrible Night In Your Life"! Mr. Krakowiak's ironically (or not) titled experimental music series continues with Vol. 11 set to take place this coming Monday. And I'm in it again! Not surprising considering my reputation, I suppose. Here are the horrible details:

Monday March 15, 8:30pm

-the most horrible night in your life vol.11-

Paul Dutton/William Davison - mouth / objects
Elliot Chapin/Nick Fraser - computer programming / drums
Pau Torres / Joda Clement - Doepfer A100 / Korg MS20 (music to "The
Act of Seeing with One's Own Eyes" by Stan Brakhage)

Smiling Buddha, 961 College St., Toronto (where else?!)

Not sure about admission, it's probably PWYC. Looking forward to providing you with a truly awful evening out!

- William A. Davison

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

S.O.T.N.E. clip

Songs of the New Erotics "DU(BU)ET" performed live at "Performance Night 4.5", Toronto, Mar. 6, 2010.

DU(BU)ET is a "duet" with one of the performers absent. The live performer is W.A.Davison (aka Songs of the New Erotics) using hand-manipulated vinyl. The absent performer is DAS of Big City Orchestra who is represented in the performance by a cassette player and backing tape. The backing tape was composed by W.A.Davison using raw audio material submitted to the S.O.T.N.E. project by DAS sometime in the mid to late 90's (thanks DAS! I'm finally using that stuff you sent me!). Video by S.Higgins. Thanks to Dahye and Yuki for use of their space and for organizing this event.

- William A. Davison

Thursday, March 4, 2010

S.O.T.N.E. show Saturday!

Songs of the New Erotics performances are exceedingly rare these days. I do hope you will do WHATEVER it takes to make it to this one!


( s a t u r d a y ) March 6th, 2010

S h o w at 7

(at) Studio 303

888 Dupont St., Toronto


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Filip Anton

Lanie Chalmers + Ducan Stewart

Roman Pilates

Songs of The New Erotics

Special screening of:

"Shadow Play" by Dahye Bell Kim

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

s e e y o u t h e r e !

L o v e,

Love from me too!
- William A. Davison

Monday, March 1, 2010

Will the real Recordists please brandish their lobsters

No, this is not Recordism...

So, uh, this person couldn't do a Google search to see if someone might already be using the term? No alarm bells went off when was already registered?


- William A. Davison (humble originator of the one-and-only true Recordism, 25 years and going strong - AND online since 1999 I might add! harumph)

Friday, February 26, 2010

correction...queazy weekend!

Wouldn't ya know it, I got the flu! Had to cancel my performances for this weekend. Crap!

Oh well, back to bed...

- William

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Busy weekend!

Two gigs coming up this weekend. Details follow:

Sat., Feb. 27th, 3pm
Toronto Institute for the Enjoyment of Music
821 Queen Street West

L’Orchestre Royal Odradek is an enlarged version of the improvising trio Odradek (Andy Yue, James Bailey, Michelangelo Iaffaldano). The Orchestre plays exclusively instruments designed and built by Iaffaldano using discarded materials and broken instrument parts). Also performing on the 27th at 5:30pm is the duo of Jeff LaRochelle- Sax and Nate Renner- guitar.

Sun., Feb. 28th, 8pm, $8

The NOW Series at Somewhere There presents:

From Germany
Blackhole Factory: Martin Slawig and Elke Utermohl
with special guests from the Toronto improvising community

Martin Slawig- computer, found objects and video
Elke Utermöhlen- voice
Ken Aldcroft- guitar
Allison Cameron- items
Pete Johnston- double bass

Martin Slawig- computer, found objects and video
Elke Utermöhlen- voice
David Sait- guzheng
William Davison- amplified objects
Julie Lassonde- movement
Paul Dutton- soundsinging

Somewhere There
Live Creative Music in Toronto
340 Dufferin Street
one block south of Queen Street
** entrance from Melbourne Ave. **

- William A. Davison

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Last-minute notice on this one. Odradek will be performing tomorrow night at Leftover Daylight but Mr. Iaffaldano can't make it. So who did the boys come crawling to begging and pleading to save their asses yet again? Me, that's who! And I agreed...'cause I'm just like that!

Here's the info:

Friday 5 February, 8pm, $8

Leftover Daylight Series

i odradek
[james bailey (found objects) william davison (found objects)
andy yue (analogue synth)]

ii nicole rampersaud solo
[nicole rampersaud (trumpet)]

iii trombosis
[r.j. satchithananthan (trombone) robin jessome (trombone) heather
segger (trombone) steve ward (trombone)]

february's guest curator is mark segger

Somewhere There
Live Creative Music in Toronto
340 Dufferin Street
one block south of Queen Street
** entrance from Melbourne Ave. **

- William A. Davison

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Unveiling #3

"THE UNVEILING" - Number 3: Jason McLean and Mark DeLong

Monday, January 18th, 2010, 10pm (don't be late as we are rarely very tardy!)
The Ossington ( 61 Ossington Ave. , Toronto )
Free admission

Followed by a soiree/party

"Unveiling #3"
Hosts Robert Dayton, Junior, and William A. Davison dramatically unveil the latest and never-before-seen (until this very eve) creation of artists Jason McLean and Mark DeLong: a collaborative effort by these original and wild artists! Two minds melding together from opposite sides of this grate land of ours! "Works inspired by Portuguese cod fish cakes, the Greyhound bus company and Jason's quest. The subject matter is very personal to Mark and Jason as it reflects modern parenting and childbirth." Jason will be in attendance, Mark in spirit.

Then Robert and William will be auctioning off this masterpiece with minimum bid starting at just 100 dollars !!! A low price for this amazing work by these important artists...

This will be followed by a soiree/party
ONE-NIGHT-ONLY! So if you want to bid and possibly attain this never-before-seen work by two great artists, you best attend! Even if you are broke like us, you do not want to miss this opportunity of UNVEILING....

"The Unveiling" is a series of one-night-only soirees/exhibitions, held monthly (more or less) in the back room of The Ossington Bar, which playfully reinvent a romantic and antiquated concept - that of a single artist "unveiling" their latest creation for a gathering of colleagues, collectors, critics, and cultural elite. The series is organized and hosted by local artists/curators William A. Davison and Robert Dayton.

The Unveiling is presented in such a manner that it becomes highly performative with its’ climactic turning and twisting of the tropes of the auctioneer and the charming element of surprise. Indeed, for those who know the work of either Davison or Dayton , a humorous, subversive approach is not at all unexpected. "At the same time," Davison continues, "we have a deep respect for the work we will be presenting and we feel that this series will provide a highly unique, entertaining, and engaging way for some of our favorite artists to show their recent creations."

There will also be snacks, oh, there will be snacks.


Jason Mclean was born in 1971. He graduated from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver BC , 1997. Over the past few years, his diverse practice has included drawing, sculpture, installation, sound performance and mail art. Much of his work contains collaborative elements.

He was recently chosen by MacLeans Magazine as one of the top ten visual artists to watch for in Canada . His work has been displayed at Colette, Paris; Richard Heller Gallery, Los Angeles; Mother's Tank Station, Dublin; Bee Studios, Tokyo; Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto; Neon Gallery, Brosarp, Sweden; Spencer-Brownstone Gallery, NY; Abel Neue Kunst Gallery, Berlin.Perugi Art Contemporenea, Padova, Italy; Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice

His work has been featured in many important magazine such as Modern Painters, Flash Art, Border Crossings,Adbusters, and I.D.N. magazine. He also has had a published book project with Nieves Books, Switzerland and has submitted drawings to other publications such as Nog A Dod ,Montreal/Nyc, Glomp #9, Finland and the Ganzfeld #5 Japanada.

Mark DeLong was Born in 1978 in New Brunswick , Canada . He is a self taught artist working in a variety of mediums including drawing,painting,sculpture,video and installation.

His work has been displayed at Colette, Paris; Bee Studios, Tokyo; Spencer-Brownstone Gallery, NY; Abel Neue Kunst Gallery, Berlin; Perugi Art Contemporenea, Padova, Italy; Museum of London Ontario,MOCCA Toronto ,LES Gallery,Vancouver;Giant Robot,NY; Little Cakes,NY; and Hunter and cook in Toronto.

His work has been seen in Border Crossings and Canadian Art Magazine, He also has published books with Nieves Books, Switzerland Seems Books, NY and publications with TV Books, New York titled Sbooky Booky and The Only Clock On the Ship. Mark is represented by Perugi Art Contemporenea, Italy ; TV Gallery, New York and LES Gallery in Vancouver .

For further information, feel free to contact The Unveiling's hosts/curators William A. Davison and Robert Dayton.

William - davison(at)recordism(dot)com
Robert - moustachedpainless(at)yaho(dot)com

Many thanks to Jubal Brown/Intervention Mondays and The Ossington!