Thursday, November 16, 2017

Monday, November 13, 2017

Bilderberg Konferenz

I recently had some work in the Bilderberg Konferenz zine which made this blog's Top 5 list:

The Bilderberg Konferenz zine is created by the organizers of the Bilderberg Konferenz zine fest in Berlin, Germany and is given away free to festival participants and attendees. This year's zine is actually 8 mini-zines in the style of those little bible comics we all know and love, Chick Publications!

Artists included: Alkbazz, Crippa XXX Almqvist, Pakito Bolino, Paul Boswell, Al Burian, Raissa Chikh, Tim Danko, W.A.Davison, Marc Van Elburg, Fufu Frauenwahl, Reijo Karkkainen, Andy Leuenberger, Stefano Minzi, Daniele Murtas, Anais Pereira, Mat Pogo, Marc Robert, Marcel Ruijters, Marcus Schafer, Pietro Simcic, Tuomas Tiainen, Fede Vazquez, Dirk Verschure, Lukas Weidinger, and Vincent Zurwesten.

Bilderberg Konferenz took place over the weekend of Sept. 23/24, 2017 in Kreuzberg, Berlin. More info here.

- W.A.Davison

Monday, November 6, 2017

Radiophrenia starts today!

Radiophrenia festival of sound and radio art starts broadcasting today, Nov. 6th, and runs until Nov. 19th. My program "Stactorm Radioo" closes out the festival as the last program on the 19th. Judging from a quick glance at the festival schedule, it's going to be a jam-packed 2 weeks of amazing audio!

If you are in the vicinity of Glasgow, Scotland you can listen in at 87.9fm, otherwise tune in to the internet broadcasts at

Festival schedule can be viewed at

- W.A.Davison