Woo Woo! Woo hoo!

Hey kids! I'll be doing a bit of improvised, found-object sound collage in this event on Saturday.

253469 presents "The Desert of Woo Woo"
April 24, 8pm
1267 Bloor St. West, Toronto
A challenging program of short art videos, video loops, audio &
performance all driven by the twin concepts of Aleatoricism and
Woo woo. There will be a large set construction to receive any
and all projections and manifestations as well as performances
by dummies, machines and humans.

Participating artists include David Bateman, Angela E. De
Crescenzo, William Davison, Theo Pelmus, Istvan Kantor,
Christina Kozak, Robert Morpheal, Kathleen Reichelt, Wesley
Rickert and others. All artists will be present in body or spirit.
(Free admission)

253469 is an interdisciplinary art space that is not ruled by
commerce, academia, politics or common sense. Currently
located at 1267 Bloor Street West (just east of Lansdowne)
253469 is managed by 253 & 469. To contact 253 or 469
please email 253469@gmail.com or call 416.653.9919

woo-woo: adj. concerned with emotions, mysticism, or
spiritualism; other than rational or scientific; mysterious; new
agey. Also n., a person who has mystical or new age beliefs.
Sometimes woo-woo is used by skeptics as a synonym for
pseudoscience, true-believer, or quackery. But mostly the term is
used for its emotive content and is an emotive synonym for such
terms as nonsense, irrational, nutter, nut, or crazy.(reference:

Aleatoricism is the creation of art by chance, exploiting the
principle of randomness. The word derives from the Latin word
alea, the rolling of dice. It should not be confused with either
improvisation or indeterminacy. See also: Automatic drawing,
Surrealist automatism, Pareidolia, and Apophenia. Aleatoric
methods have been used in artistic composition for thousands of
years, and were popularized in the early 20th century by the
Dada movement. (reference:

hmmm...performances by dummies, machines and humans...not sure which category I fall into. Come by Saturday night and see if you can figure it out!

- William A. Davison