Monday, December 27, 2010

Prostitution of Originality

Apparently I'm included in the latest release in Zan Hoffman's "Prostitution of..." series! Sweet!

- William A. Davison

Monday, December 20, 2010

Terrible Spool review

Very nice review of Thomas Carnacki's "The Disappearance of this Terrible Spool" CD (which includes some clankings and mutterings of Recordist origin) on the site!

You may read it here.

- William A. Davison

Friday, December 17, 2010

Frowning in Frownland

And we Recordists got good reason to frown. One of our heroes Don Van Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart, died today!

This is so damn sad. Well...the dust blows forward 'n the dust blows back!

- William A. Davison

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Halifax punks

I'm going to be talking to Sam Sutherland tomorrow. Sam's writing a book about Canadian punk! I hope to be able to fill in some details about the East Coast scene for him. Well, I'm no expert but every little bit helps, right? Anyway, in preparation for the interview I dug out some old zines and had a good laugh looking through them. Then I got the idea that Sam, and probably a bunch of other folks, would appreciate having copies of these things. So I scanned them and put them up on Sendspace as PDFs. Here are the links:

Squirming Vomit #4

RePress #1

RePress #2

RePress #2.5

Don't know how long I'll leave these up so, if you're interested, get them while you can!

- William A. Davison

Friday, December 10, 2010

Six Heads tomorrow!

Jeezlaweez, these shows do have a tendency to creep up on me! Almost forgot to announce this one! Six Heads is playing tomorrow evening (Sat. Dec. 11) as part of the Wintage 5-Year Anniversary Fest. Here are the details:


Wintage is celebrating 5 years of releasing some of the most progressive & experimental sounds by Toronto artists, as well as those from across the globe. This fest will celebrate new Wintage releases by local free-punk duo Preanderthals, harsh noise legend Knurl, Matt Dunn’s Transcendental Rodeo and a split between free-spazz duo Gravitons & Sonic Youth front man Thurston Moore!

This fest will also coincide with Coolfest Toronto on Dec 9th & 12th, a traveling avant fest curated by Blake Hargreaves and now taking place in 5 different cities this Year. All proceeds will go towards the St. James Drop In Centre in Montreal.

Check out all the details below. Come to every show & get a special Wintage Super Fan Prize Pack on Sunday!

Poster soon, get busy, get psyched. Support weird music in Toronto!

Wednesday December 8th 2010
Roman Pilates
Transcendental Rodeo
Pon De Replay
@ Korova Milk Bar (488 College St)
9pm, PWYC

Thursday December 9th 2010
co-presented with Fluorescent Friends/Coolfest & Burn Down The Capital
Failing Lights (mem. Wolf Eyes/Hair Police)
Stare Case (mem. Wolf Eyes)
Sick Llama
Cotton Museum
@ Teranga (159 Augusta Ave)
9pm, $6


Friday December 10th 2010
co-presented with Burn Down The Capital
Poverty Hymns
Keir Neuringer
Bonsai Forestry
installations by Jeff Garcia
@ Tranzac (292 Brunswick Ave)
9:30pm, $5


Saturday December 11th 2010
Man Made Hill
Six Heads
@ 460 (460 Spadina Ave)
9pm, PWYC

Sunday December 12th 2010
co-presented with Fluorescent Friends/Coolfest & Burn Down The Capital
James Ferraro
Twig Harper
Chaw Mank
@ Teranga (159 Augusta Ave)
9pm, $6



Roman Pilates:
Transcendental Rodeo:
Pon De Replay:

Failing Lights:
Stare Case:
Sick Llama:
Cotton Museum:

Poverty Hymns:
Keir Neuringer:
Bonsai Forestry:

Man Made Hill:
Six Heads:

James Ferraro:
Twig Harper:
Chaw Mank:


Hope to see you tomorrow night!

- William A. Davison