Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Return of the Objects!

This Wed., April 1st, Conspiracy Of Familiar Objects will hit the stage again for the first time since our gig opening for Wolf Eyes...oh, when was that?...what?! really?!...apparently, it was April 1, 2008. Weird...exactly one year since we last played together. Guess that makes it some kind of anniversary/reunion show. Well, you wouldn't want to miss something like that!

Of course, it's not really a complete reunion since Andrew Zukerman is no longer with us. I don't mean he died, I mean he just isn't in the project any more. Don't worry though, AZ will be there Wednesday night, he's DJing. Jon Shapiro and I will be recruiting Kevin Crump (Disguises) to fill in for Andrew for this set. For future COFO performances, we'll likely do the "rotating third member" thing (as painful as it sounds!), inviting a new guest player for every gig. Assuming that there will be future COFO performances (ahem, every April 1st?).

Oh, and I guess we won't actually be "hitting the stage" for this show since the gig is happening in a video store and I'm pretty sure there's no stage. We'll be hitting the floor instead.

I'd like to tell you exactly where and when this auspicious, or suspicious, occasion is set to take place but, since "Last Minute" Crump is the organizer, I don't have the details yet. Here's what I do know:

Wed. April 1/09

some video store in Parkdale, Toronto

10pm probable start time

10:10 Brian Random Answering Machine

10:30 Thrashed Jeans Acoustic show

11:00 C.O.F.O.

Andrew Zukerman DJ

everybody out before midnight

PWYC? $5? Who knows...

Crump did want to make sure I didn't forget to advertise the $2 Porn DVD sale! Good to see he has his priorities straight! (hmmm...note to self, take some cash to the show Wed. night).

OK, I'll post more deets as soon as I get 'em. Unless this all turns out to be an elaborate April Fools joke.

- William

PS: after much googling, I managed to find the name and address of the video store. It's 7-24 Movies and More, 1530 Queen Street West at Fuller. My detective services are for hire, should you ever need them...

Monday, March 9, 2009

De Tranen Van Eros

I'm taking part in an exhibition in The Netherlands this month. The show is called "De Tranen Van Eros" ("Tears Of Eros") and it features art in a variety of media inspired and informed by the work of George Bataille. It's happening at an exhibition space called De Werkplaats in Amersfoort, Netherlands and it runs for about a month starting on March 15. My contribution consists of a drawing and a video soundtrack (video by Jan Kees Helms). Other participants in the show include Jan Kees Helms (Netherlands), Hybryds (Belgium), and Nico Pronk (Netherlands).

For a small gallery, De Werkplaats boasts a pretty impressive roster of artists, as a quick perusal of their schedule for the early part of 2009 will reveal.

18 Januar: IJzig Vuur (Icy Fire)
with Alejandra Slutzky and Frans de Waard (NL)

15 Februar: De schreeuw (The Scream)
with Jos Smolders (NL)

15 March: De Tranen van Eros (Tears of Eros)
with W.A. Davison (Canada), Hybryds (Belgium) and Nico Pronk (NL)

19 April: De schoonheid van verval (Beauty of Decay)
with GX Jupitter-Larsen (U.S.A.) and photogroup deeez! (NL)

17 May: Safety Instructions with Illusion of Safety (U.S.A.)

21 June: Spiegelingen (Reflections) with Puin + Hoop (NL) en Faye Wouterson (NL)

If you're in the vicinity of Amersfoort this month, drop by De Werkplaats and check out what's happening. Hopefully some documentation from this show will also appear on the net somewhere (I'll let you all know if and when that happens). De Werkplaats' blog can be found at http://dewerkplaats.blogspot.com/

- William