Friday, January 4, 2019

A Flying Start!

2019 is off to a flying start with two new releases to announce within the first few days of the new year!

First off, we have the release of "365" by tENTATIVELY a. cONVENIENCE!

tENTATIVELY a. cONVENIENCE's 2018 year-long music project and feature-length video has wrapped up and has been published to Youtube ( and Internet Archive ( (or just watch it in the player above). The project consisted of tENT filming himself playing music every day of 2018, mostly solo, but with a number of other musicians and sound-makers as well, of which I was thrilled to be included!

As if that weren't enough, there's also the release of a new compilation CD and digital album from Neal Retke's panpanpanaviandistresscall!

"Friends of Sounds and Noises, Vol​.​2" is (not surprisingly) the second in a series of albums in which Mr. Retke acts more as curator than as participant (although he does make a small appearance or two here) soliciting and selecting material from his large network of international friends and collaborators. And Vol. 2 does not disappoint with a highly diverse and entertaining range of experimental sounds and approaches being presented!

"Friends of Sounds and Noises, Vol​.​2" includes contributions from:

Joel Crutcher
Albert Negredo
Wilfried Hanrath
Geingenschrey (Peter Wullen)
The Bim Prongs
Jaap Blonk & Nora Mulder
Antonella Porcelluzzi feat. Vaders Orchestra
Awkward Geisha
Eddie Lee Sausage & Infinite Article
Grime6i6ter6 / {AN} EeL
Peter Wullen - Glen Sogge - Emmi K
James Bailey
The Psycho Paranoid Flower Power Electro Shit Song Company

Happy New Year!

- W.A.Davison

Monday, December 24, 2018

The End Of The Long Play

Final instalment of my 2018 radio art series "The Long Play" is online now at Mixcloud! Something new coming in 2019!

Thanks for all the likes, listens, comments, and follows!

- W.A.Davison

Friday, December 21, 2018

Fae Ma Bit Tae Ur Bit #33

Another great radio sound collage from Dylan Nyoukis et al which I'm thrilled to have contributed some small bits of inappropriately themed audio blibblab to!

And I'm in great company with contributions from Dylan Nyoukis, Michael Kemp, Baby Ezra, Joe Posset, Crank Sturgeon, Karen Constance, Angela Sawyer, Grant Smith, Tina Kerkels, Toby Lloyd, Fraser Burnet, Fabio Roberti, Elkka Nyoukis, This is Yvonny Lovejoy, Plastic Containers Of Nothing, baby Ida, Ludo Mich, Jaap Blonk, Stewart Greenwood and various Brighton group jabber gonks.

Check it out on the Resonance Extra Mixcloud channel -

- W.A.Davison

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Corpses, of the Exquisite kind...

Some new word games, exquisite corpses, collective collages, etc. have been posted to Halloween Island recently.


Pleased to announce my inclusion on the just released "Electronic Cottage Audio Exquisite Corpse"!

45 minutes of experimental sounds created in cadvre exquis fashion by 20 members of the Electronic Cottage community.

Check it out here!

- W.A.Davison

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Somewhere There Presents...

I will be performing this Sunday evening in a trio with Neal Retke and Patrick O'Reilly as part of Somewhere There's Second Sunday series. Details follow:

Somewhere There presents…
The Second Sunday of December:
William Davison, Patrick O’Reilly & Neal Retke // David Sait
Sunday 09 December 2018
Array Space (155 Walnut Avenue, Toronto)

David Sait, solo guzheng

William Davison, Patrick O’Reilly & Neal Retke
William Davison (electronics) Patrick O’Reilly (guitar) Neal Retke (vocals and other madness)

Hope to see you there!

- William A. Davison

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Happy Anniversary Recordism!

Today is the 34th anniversary of Recordism! Here's a poem:

Howling apes surround the compound.
Are the heliotropes in place?
Pick up the pineapple gun.
Prepare your inner goon squad.
You may fire when ready.

A cellophane window
Negotiates with
Intelligent steam.
Evaporates in the
Riot of rakes and flower pots.
Shaky tendrils grip the
Antiquated machinery,
Requiring the immediate attention of
Your missing fingers.

Remember the instructions the old man left us with.
Erase the definition of soap.
Calculate the decay of ghosts.
Organize the gas canisters into coded messages for nuns.
Redirect the flow of Boy Scouts into the canyon.
Decide on a color scheme for your internal anatomy.
Invest in a new pair of scissors.
Separate the lips from the teeth.
Make the opposite visible.

- William A. Davison

Monday, November 26, 2018

Long Play 11

The penultimate episode of my 2018 radio art series "The Long Play" is available now on Mixcloud!

- W.A.Davison