Monday, October 12, 2015


I will be performing this Wed. evening in a quartet with Ken Aldcroft, Emily Denison, and John Oswald at the Tranzac. Details follow:



Solo Ken Aldcroft "Mister, Mister" CD Release Concert

10pm: Aldcroft/Davison/Denison/Oswald
Ken Aldcroft- guitar
William Davison- sound making devices
Emily Denison- trumpet
John Oswald- alto sax

11pm: Solo Ken Aldcroft
Ken Aldcroft- guitar

Tranzac, Southern Cross Lounge
292 Brunswick Ave.Toronto, ON


Hope to see you there!

- W.A.Davison

Friday, October 9, 2015

New upload to portfolio

New upload to my portfolio site -

For years my paintings have been piling up in my studio, mainly because I had no way to document them. My attempts to photograph them were abysmal, even after acquiring a fairly decent DSLR. Hiring a photographer was not an option due to the expense. It's been a major stumbling block. Fortunately, after some internet research and a lot of trial and error, I've recently figured out how to scan my paintings in sections and assemble the scans in software. It's not easy and takes some time but the results are surprisingly good! The upshot of this is I'm now ready and able to exhibit and sell these things! Woot!

- W.A.Davison

Monday, October 5, 2015

Audiopollination #35.2

I will be appearing in a trio with Tiina Kiik and Zach Clark tomorrow evening at this event:


Set 1 - Barry Prophet (Digital Theremin & Sound Art), Aisha Sasha John (dancer), Yusuke Furutate (Guitar, Voice)
Set 2 - Tomasz Krakowiak (percussion), Holger Schoorl (guitar)
Set 3 - Tiina Kiik (accordion) + Zach Clark (bass guitar) + William Davison (prepared guitar)
Set 4 - Kayla Milmine (soprano sax/voice), {AN} Eel (vox/instruments/electronics) + Paul Newman (tenor saxophone)


Tuesday, Oct. 6/15, 8pm
Array Space, 155 Walnut Ave., Toronto
$10 or PWYC

Hope to see you there!

- W.A.Davison