Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Popeye Scat

New Six Heads cassette "The Popeye Scat" just released on Oakland,CA-based Black Horizons label. Sweet packaging and art by label head-honcho J.Livingston + the usual heady stew of savory, sonic surrealism from the Six Heads crew! Have a bite here!

- William A. Davison

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Unveiling!


Monday, Oct. 26, 2009, 10pm
at The Ossington
61 Ossington Ave.

"Unveiling #1"
Hosts Robert Dayton and William A. Davison unveil the latest and never-before-seen (until this very eve) creation of artist and musician Drue Langlois!

They will be auctioning off this masterpiece with minimum bid starting at just 50 dollars !!! A low price for this amazing work by this important artist...

This will be followed by a soiree/party!
ONE-NIGHT-ONLY! So if you want to bid and possibly attain this never-before-seen stunning curiousity, you best attend! Even if yer broke, you do not want to miss this opportunity of UNVEILING (and we-as the only eyes besides the artist that have seen this work- guarantee that this work is amazing....)
At The Ossington, 61 Ossington Ave., Toronto
Free admission

"The Unveiling" is a new series of one-night-only soirees/exhibitions, held monthly (more or less) in the back room of The Ossington Bar, which playfully reinvent a romantic and antiquated concept - that of a single artist "unveiling" their latest creation for a gathering of colleagues, collectors, critics, and cultural elite. The series is organized and hosted by local artists/curators William A. Davison and Robert Dayton.

The series kicks off on Oct. 26th as "Unveiling #1" presents the latest soft sculpture/doll creation of artist, comics creator, animator, musician and former Royal Art Lodge member Drue Langlois. Please note that the artist will not be present at this unveiling. However, Mr. Langlois has given the organizers explicit instructions on how to present his work, which Messrs. Dayton and Davison will execute in their own inimitable style.

For further information, feel free to contact The Unveiling's hosts William A. Davison and Robert Dayton.

William - davison(at)recordism(dot)com
Robert - moustachedpainless(at)yahoo(dot)com

Many thanks to Jubal Brown/Intervention Mondays and The Ossington!

- William A. Davison (and Robert Dayton)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

collective drawings Oct. 19

New collective drawings from last night's Ossington Drawing Party posted to Halloween Island.

- William

Friday, October 16, 2009

Oct. Drawing Party!

First drawing party in a couple of months (!) this Monday, Oct. 19th, 9pm - 12am (or later) at The Ossington, 61 Ossington Ave., Toronto. Bring pens, pencils, paper, good vibes, wicked imaginations, etc.

- William

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stactor set

Here's some info on a show I'm doing (as M.Stactor) this Friday night:

Wintage Records & Tapes proudly presents;

Harsh metal mentality swings loud & proud, as this master of metalism
brings on the Harsh free noise.
What will be in his arsenal of ear damage? A Toaster? Saw Blades?
Metal Chains? Steel Rods? The only way for you to find out
is by putting your ass in attendance! A big amp is guaranteed.

William A Davison lays down a rare solo performance of Harsh Sonic
Amplitude. William is a legend (Happy Birthday buddy) in the scene
having jammed with everyone from CCMC to Nurse With Wound, and is one
of the founding visionaries in Six Heads.
His solo performances as M. Stactor are always a rare treat...where he
utilizes contact mics, electronics, turntables to create an
otherworldly sonic dimension.

Roman Pilates
Vanity project of Wintage Records & Tapes CEO, Kevin Crump. Hear him
crust out with home made low-fi tape loops, sent through tape delay
and feedback. The final performance in the trilogy of "On-coming
Trains" soon to be released on Foxy Digitalis.
Be there early, to hear him start things off.

$3 @ the Door/9:30 with raffles & $3 Beer!!
7/24 Video 1530 Queen St. W. (just west of Lansdowne), Toronto
Friday October 9th 2009

please come out and support these wonderful artists.

-- Wintage Records & Tapes 1530 Queen St W, Apt C3 Toronto, ON M6R 1A6

Hope to see you there!

- William A. Davison

Sunday, October 4, 2009

the name thing

For many years now, I've been almost exclusively using my real name "William" rather than the nickname "Bill" which I grew up with. I say almost exclusively because up to now I have allowed old friends and family to continue calling me "Bill" and have, in a few rare instances, used the name "Bill" myself when it seemed like doing otherwise would create problems. of today, Oct. 4, 2009, I will no longer answer to the name of "Bill" nor will I accept the use of the name "Bill" in reference to me under any circumstances.*

So sayeth William. Get used to it!

- William A. Davison

* except perhaps in the historical sense. For example, in reference to works from my Neoist years when I performed and exhibited under the pseudonym "Bill Satan". That would be alright, I guess.