Glands Of External Secretion

Six Heads will be breaking their hiatus of several years to participate in this event surrounding the Toronto appearance of Glands Of External Secretion, sharing the bill with Glands, Brian Ruryk and Agar Agar.

From a recent press release:


Experimental collage duo of Barbara Manning (World of Pooh, SF Seals) & Seymour Glass (Bananafish) create vocal driven collaged compositions on the verge of collapse, with all the vigour & buoyancy of life. Errant keys chime out over the heavy breathing of taxed strings, collapsing under their own weight. Warped vocal repeat, everything that was once real is now a temporary facsimile. Manning & Glass toy with reality as tape loops sway revealing crippled notes and reeling vocal phrases. Charred sounds, cracks and clips take over only fall victim to the next disintegration. The duo rebuilds as fast as they tear apart playing with a sound until it's worn out like a cat, then moving onto the next one. Endlessly enticing. Not to be missed. Hainey put them out once!


Toronto avant garde anti-legend Brian Ruryk is easily one of the city's best kept secrets, Ruryk has been manipulating the concepts of sound since the 80s. Free jangled guitar notes spray over a live collage of junk percussion & chaos. Tape samples squeal out amongst herky jerky clatter of Ruryk’s eclectic set up. Much like the coming together of puzzle pieces in a way in which they do not fit, then experiencing the process in which the puzzler, instead of sorting the pieces, just cuts & mangles them to create a new image.


New improv. telekinetic electro-acoustic positive force assembled from your favourite Toronto avant minglers. Allison Cameron on amplified objects, toys, baby guitars, uke, electronics, joined by percussionist / creative thinker Germaine Liu, and collage electronics, tape looper Andrew Zukerman (Fleshtone Aura). These three composer / improvisor hybrids team up for the first time (hopefully not the last) to bring you the soul searching sonic force you've been waiting for!


Toronto electro-acoustic table top noise collage crew featuring the likes of James Bailey, William Davison, Linda Feesey, Sherri Lyn Higgins, Colin Hinz, Pete Mosher. A cohesive environment created from a patchwork of minds sewing together the creaks, drips, oscillations, internal howlings and unexpected rhythms of their careful manipulations. The forming of a versatile beast, carefully composed sonic gestures help birth a new image of the creature. Don't miss this rare Six Heads jam, 19 years strong!

1184 Bloor St. W., Toronto
April 23, 2019, 9pm

Hope to see you there!
- W.A.Davison