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Saturday, September 7, 2013

cassette fair

Sorry for the short notice (ahem, no notice), today is the First Annual International Cassette Store Day and I'll be participating in a "cassette fair" at Sonic Boom here in Toronto. A couple links with further info:

Why such short notice? I have two good excuses (I think) - 1) I only found out about the event earlier this week, and 2) I've been busy initiating a new sound project and making a new cassette release!

"A Box On Angles, Thin Arms Extended Irons" is the premier cassette release from Panic Engines, a new analog synth sci-fi noise drone weirdness project out of Toronto, Canada. Who is Panic Engines? Hmmm, I wonder...

Drop by Sonic Boom this afternoon and find out more!

That's all for now. Buy a cassette or two today!

- William A. Davison

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