Roughage, etc.

I've been adding documents to my Youtube channel recently, as well as replacing some poor quality videos with newer, better versions. Today, I added a video showing edited excerpts from the 2001 Toronto appearance of (RIP) Zev Asher's "Roughage" multimedia extravaganza/assault on the senses. To my knowledge, this is the only documentation of this great event available online.

Also new to the channel:

- various videos from sets at The Bonnington Centre, London, UK, 2003, featuring myself, Johannes Bergmark, Phil Morton, and others

- David Aylward, Adrian Northover, Tom Scott, Centurion Pub, London, UK, 2003

- Ad Hoc, Centurion Pub, featuring Aylward, Northover, Scott, Rob Mills, Johannes Bergmark, Paul Hood, and me

+ New and improved videos for:

- Johannes Bergmark, Paul Hood, William Davison, Centurion Pub, London, UK, 2003

- Paul Dutton and William Davison, Toronto, 2010

- William Davison noise guitar set at 61 Major St. Toronto, 2007

- Ken Aldcroft, Eddie Prevost, Rod Campbell, William Davison, Toronto, 2007

More will be added soon!

- W.A.Davison