I am (appropriately) a bit late announcing this but last week, between my performances as Th  W rbl r and The Recordists (with S.Higgins), I submitted a track to a compilation called "Procrastinoise". With consideration for all of the procrastinators involved, tracks for the comp were/are only accepted AFTER the deadline! Har har, after the deadline, get it?...because it's all procrastinators...hilarious. Ahem...anyway, I sent in a Bim Prongs track called "Piano Water" a full month after the deadline, so some damn fine procrastinating there if I do say so myself!

Since tracks continue to be accepted for the comp, there is apparently no telling how, when, or if tracks will ever stop being accepted. As I write this, there are 55 tracks and the comp continues to grow! I haven't managed to listen to all 55 tracks yet but there certainly is some excellent material here. Well worth a listen!

- W.A.Davison