Stactorm Radioo Bandcamp

"Stactorm Radioo" was a radio art project I initiated in Jan. 2017. It ran as a monthly series of 30-minute programs, hosted on the digital DJ platform Mixcloud, for the entirety of 2017. Each episode of "Stactorm Radioo" consists of 30 1-minute audio clips randomly selected from the archives of The Recordists - basement jams, beats, field recordings, ideas and sketches, song demos, studio experiments, performance documents, audio art, etc.

Due to recent changes at Mixcloud, I will be removing some of my programs from that platform and making them available on other platforms such as Bandcamp. The first of these is "Stactorm Radioo" and I'm happy to announce the publication of Episode 1 as a Bandcamp album today!

I'm generally in the habit of releasing new material on Bandcamp once a month to coincide with Bandcamp Friday, where Bandcamp waive their normal revenue shares. Bandcamp Friday happens to be tomorrow! However, since the "Stactorm Radioo" series was initially offered for free and has been available for free on Mixcloud for the past five years, I am not charging for the "Stactorm Radioo" episodes as they appear on Bandcamp. You may listen to and/or download these shows free of charge! Of course, if you really, really want to give me some money, who am I to argue? ūüėČ

- W.A.Davison