Electronoise Orchestra


Looking forward to playing with friends old and new at SynCirSunday, Dec. 11th at The Tranzac! Details follow:

SynCirSundays presents The Electronoise Orchestra

A very special night that will be dedicated to a very special ensemble of electronic/noise composers and improvisors.

Two Sets feat. Connor Bennett (Hamilton), William Davison (Toronto), Mira Martin-Gray (Toronto) , Mike Hansen (Hamilton) and Joe Strutt (Toronto).

PayWhatchagot but $10 would be nice! We got out of towners!

This is also the final SynCirSunday at the Tranzac...at least for now..peace and love!

Dec. 11, 2022

The Tranzac
292 Brunswick Ave., Toronto

Hope to see you there!

- W.A.Davison