Looking forward to playing with Joe Strutt (a.k.a. Heraclitus Akimbo) and Daria Morgacheva this Friday as part of Audiopollination! Details follow:

Friday, November 25, 2022
8:00 PM
$10 (cash or card, PWYC or free if you can't)

Audiopollination will be live-streamed as well as have a live audience.

Audiopollination is devoted to being an (non)identity-affirming space for all people, please come as you are and/or as you desire to be!

Set 1
Mira-Martin Gray (electronics, voice)/ Fahmid Nibesh (electronics, guitar, voice)/ Bea Labikova (saxophone+)

Set 2
Raphael Roter (Drums)/ Del Stephen/ Piers Oolvai (effected clarinet and bass clarinet)

Set 3
Heraclitus Akimbo (electronics)/ William Davison (electronics)/ Daria Morgacheva (piano/electronics)

Set 4
Victor O and friends

Array Space
155 Walnut Ave.

- W.A.Davison