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The Recordists (Davison/Higgins) have work in two recent surrealist publications. Details follow:


Issue 3 of this journal published by the Groupe Surréaliste De Paris featuring work by S. Chrostowska, J. Gayraud, G. Girard, P. Lepetit, B. Montpied, R. Gayraud, B. Schmitt, Michèle Bachelet, Elizé Bleys, Massimo Borghese, Michel Cadière, Duda Camargo, Louis Carmeil, Eugenio Castro, Claude Cauët, Hazel Cline, Steven Cline, Kenneth Cox, Dominique Dalozo, William Davison, Hervé Delabarre, Louis Delorme, Sarah Froidurot, Antonella Gandini, Yoan Armand Gil, Armand Goupil, José Guirao, Sherri Lyn Higgins, Alexis Jallez, Alex Januario, Gabriel Jenny, Jean-Pierre Lassalle, Rik Lina, Michael Löwy, Lurdes Martinez, Alice Massénat, Jean-Pierre Maury, Peter Overton, Ody Saban, Mitzura Salgian, Dan Stanciu, Wedgwood Steventon, Virginia Tentindo, Sasha Vlad, John Welson, Philip West, Ludwig Zeller, Michel Zimbacca.

Available by correspondence directly from the publisher, Venus d'ailleurs.

Price: €20, shipping included with Mondial Relay

Please email venusdailleurs at free dot fr

Payment via paypal, bank transfer, cheque.

A list of bookstores distributing the journal will be published soon.

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The Philosophical Egg

Issue 2 of a new journal (or, rather, a new version of an old journal...there's an interesting history) published by The Secret Librarian in Toronto and edited by Beatriz Hausner, Peter Dubé, and Susana Wald. Issue 2 features work by Beatriz Hausner, Susana Wald, Laurens Vancrevel, Ruth Oisteanu, Nikos Stabakis, Emma Lundenmark and Niklas Nenzén, Alice Farley, Patrick Lepetit, John Welson, Rodrigo Verdugo, Rikki Ducornet, Peter Dubé, Massimo Borghese, Floriano Martins, Carlos Barbarito, Paul McRandle, Gregg Simpson, Eugenio Castro, Patrick Hourihan, and, of course, The Recordists with..."What Is Recordism?" (all our secrets revealed!!)

The Philosophical Egg is an online journal so, guess what, you can read it right now!

The Philosophical Egg


- W.A.Davison