RE/CYCLING 12! Final Episode!


The final episode of my sound/radio art series RE/CYCLING is available now on my Mixcloud channel! Many thanks to all my listeners and supporters who tuned in, shared, rebroadcast, "liked" and commented on RE/CYCLING, Stactirrm Radioo (with Matt Waldron), The Long Play, and Stactorm Radioo over the past four years! It's been fun...and a lot of hard work, but I'm quite happy with RE/CYCLING and the preceding projects and am hopeful that they have been interesting and worthwhile cultural provocations (i.e. "good art"). As for next year, I am undecided whether I will do another year-long, monthly series. I have an idea or two about another series, but I also have some other projects that I may choose to focus on. Gonna have a think about it in the next few weeks and surprise you all in January, 2021! In the meantime, here's RE/CYCLING 12!