Window 3

Very pleased to announce the release of "Window 3" by Wax Infant on the CEIL label!

"Window 3" is the third in a series of four performances that took place at the International Bureau of Recordist Investigation in Toronto in the mid to late 90s. These performances were casual, impromptu audio improvisations that were amplified via a "boombox" placed in the window which projected the sounds into the street for an audience of random passersby.

"Window 3" was improvised and recorded live to cassette by Wax Infant (William A. Davison and Jim DeJong), Nov. 7th, 1995 at I.B.R.I., 797 Ossington Ave., Toronto. Jim played feedback machine and tapes. William played tapes, Casio SK-1 sampler, toys and acoustic instruments, and microphone feedback.

Other performances in the series (yet to be released) included W.A.Davison solo, Phycus (Brian Damage and Bill Satan), and Urban Refuse Group (Robert Atwood, Colin Hinz, S. Higgins, Marc Lemyre, and William Davison).

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- W.A.Davison