Very pleased to announce the first episode of my new monthly radio art series RE/CYCLING!

Each year since 2017, I have created and broadcast a transmission art project with a different theme or approach. Each project consists of 12 30-minute programs broadcast monthly on the Mixcloud platform. RE/CYCLING combines transmission art, experimental turntablism, and sculptural assemblage, presenting a unique work of visual and sonic art monthly over the course of 2020. Raiding the garbage and recycling bins, each month I create a new sculptural platter or "rotating disk assemblage" from salvaged materials (cardboard, paper, plastic, etc.). These assemblages take the place of 12" vinyl records on a phonograph turntable, while preparations to the turntable itself, substituting the standard stylus/cartridge configuration with contact mics and various other objects (plastic straws, pipe cleaners, chopsticks, etc.) allows the surfaces of these assemblages to be amplified/recorded/broadcast in a manner similar to how a stylus reads the grooves of a standard LP but allowing for endless loops and infinite variability in sound depending on where the substitute stylus is placed on the rotating assemblage and how it interacts with the various materials. A photograph of the assemblage accompanies each monthly broadcast.

Have a listen to "RE/CYCLING 01" using the player below or at my Mixcloud profile.

Feel free to share this info/link. Should anyone care to write about the project (or its predecessors) I can supply more information, images, etc. Contact me at northmutator(at)gmail(dot)com

- W.A.Davison