The Last Stactirrm Radioo!!

Announcing the final episode of Stactirrm Radioo!

Listen here or on my Mixcloud channel.

I just want to say, first off, how much fun this project was to do! I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Matt's contributions to the show every month and discovering the strange, and often uncannily appropriate, juxtapositions between his clips and my own in the final edit of each episode. In addition, I really have to extend an extra-super-special thank you to Mr. Waldron for coming through with his clips every month without fail (and in such a professional and courteous manner!), and for sending such high-quality material (which, of course, did not surprise me)! All this in spite of his dealing with numerous difficulties and hardships in his life over the past year! If I had a medal, I'd give it to him. Perhaps I should make one for him. He deserves it!

Fortunately, the project itself was quite rewarding and we are both immensely pleased with the results and feel we've created something very worthwhile. Please check out this month's episode and, if you haven't done so yet, please have a listen to the previous episodes at my Mixcloud channel!

Thanks, as well, to everyone who liked, commented, followed etc. on Mixcloud, Facebook, and ello! Your support is very much appreciated!

Another radio art project is in the works for 2020, stay tuned!

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- William A. Davison