Synaptic Circus Sunday

I've got a cold...and I've got a gig in three days! As they say, "the show must go on!" But will it go on with or without me? I say with! Even if they have to wheel me in on a gurney!

Well, even if I can't make it, it will still be a good evening.

Synaptic Circus Sundays
Nov. 10, 2019
7:30 - 9:30pm
The Tranzac
292 Brunswick Ave., Toronto
$10 or PWYMust

Set 1) Bea Labikova (reeds), Wes Neal (contrabass), Nilan Perera (guitars) and Rick Sacks (drum kit)

Set2) Dame Cook (electronics) and William Davison (diverse soundmakers)

See you there...maybe.

- W.A.Davison