Stactirrm Radioo!

Thrilled to announce my latest radio art project, this time in collaboration with Matt Waldron, a.k.a."Stactirrm Radioo"! Here's what I wrote about the project on Mixcloud:

In 2017, I produced a series of radio art programs called "Stactorm Radioo". Each episode of "Stactorm Radioo" was a random collection of one-minute excerpts from the archives of The Recordists ( - audio experiments, studio outtakes, performance excerpts, beats, basement jams, field recordings, song sketches, misc. noises, etc. The series consisted of twelve 30-minute programs, released monthly for the entirety of 2017. After some recent conversations with my friend Matt Waldron, a.k.a., we decided to collaborate on a new radio art project which would use the same approach as "Stactorm Radioo". Matt named it "Stactirrm Radioo". Each episode of "Stactirrm Radioo" consists of thirty random one-minute excerpts - 15 from Matt's archive and 15 from my own. These thirty audio clips are assembled (again, randomly) by me and published here on Mixcloud.

The first episode is online now at Mixcloud, or you can use the handy-dandy player right here!

Be sure to check out Matt's work at

- W.A.Davison