Happy Anniversary Recordism!

Today is the 34th anniversary of Recordism! Here's a poem:

Howling apes surround the compound.
Are the heliotropes in place?
Pick up the pineapple gun.
Prepare your inner goon squad.
You may fire when ready.

A cellophane window
Negotiates with
Intelligent steam.
Evaporates in the
Riot of rakes and flower pots.
Shaky tendrils grip the
Antiquated machinery,
Requiring the immediate attention of
Your missing fingers.

Remember the instructions the old man left us with.
Erase the definition of soap.
Calculate the decay of ghosts.
Organize the gas canisters into coded messages for nuns.
Redirect the flow of Boy Scouts into the canyon.
Decide on a color scheme for your internal anatomy.
Invest in a new pair of scissors.
Separate the lips from the teeth.
Make the opposite visible.

- William A. Davison