Audiopollination 64.1

Looking forward to this upcoming set with Mira Martin-Gray and visiting musician Paolo Gàiba Riva. Details follow:


Audiopollination #64.1

Sun., Oct. 7, 8-10pm

Array Space
155 Walnut Ave., Toronto


Visiting Italian musicians Paolo Gaiba Riva and Francesco Zedde are playing 3 sets with Toronto locals and the final set as a noise duo.

Set 1: Paolo Gàiba Riva / Mira Martin-Gray / William Davison
Set 2: Francesco Zedde / James Beardmore (electronics) / David Jones
Set 3: Paolo Gàiba Riva / Francesco Zedde / Kayla Milmine (sax) / Brian Abbot (guitar) / MJ Wright (percussion)
Set 4: Paolo Gàiba Riva and Francesco Zedde
A combo made up of two mentally deviated Italians. Francesco Zedde (aka Tonto and Tacet Tacet Tacet) and Paolo Gàiba Riva (aka PGR). Their sound combine both the digital big, heavy and sometimes uncontrollable sound of a home made circuit bended no input device and the dynamic and rawer one of contact mic-ing his own arse and other more or less clear places.

Paolo Gaiba Riva:
Francesco Zedde on Percussion:
on electronics: