Electronic Cottage Compilation 004

Back in the late 80s/early 90s, Hal McGee published Electronic Cottage magazine, one of the premier DIY magazines dedicated to Cassette Culture. In addition to six issues of the magazine published between 1989 and 1991, Hal also released three Electronic Cottage various artists compilations on cassette. Early in 2018, Hal revived the Electronic Cottage project in the form of an online magazine, forum and community - https://www.electroniccottage.org/

A couple of days ago, the 4th Electronic Cottage various artists compilation (CD-R and digital album) was released by Electronic Cottage and Haltapes! I have a track on it, along with 33 other members of the EC community (I also created the cover art). Here's the track list:

1. Ditlev Buster — Welcome to the EC compilation
2. Frank — That’s how I would like to be remembered
3. {AN} EeL -- The Quaker's Staff & The Dutch Oven
4. Thomas Park — Rite Cycle
5. Juan Angel Italiano — Barrio Tassano
6. Jack Hz — Don's Refrigerator Makes the Best Cottage Cheese
7. Shaun Robert — Gregorius
8. Don Campau — Too Hot For Hands
9. Rafael Gonz├ílez — Electronic Cottage Theme
10. Walls Of Genius — Escape Of The Madman
11. Swami Loopynanda — Twisted In Space
12. John M. Bennett -- ILB'AL
13. Ken Montgomery — Kisses
14. Eduardo GOZNE -- The Great Flood (Genesis 7.12)
15. Lord Litter — Workshop
16. Phillip Klampe — Merlin’s Gesture
17. Dylan Houser — Stop-Motion Zombie Frycooks on the Moon
18. osvaldo cibils -- soundart28june2018 - the bombilla distortions
19. Chris Phinney --  Slap Shot
20. Jim Barker — Pile Driver Folk Dinner
21. Lumen K -- A Shaman Prays For Hal McGee
22. Aimee Grace Naworal — Haint Blue
23. Adam Naworal — Suomi (for P. Airaksinen)
24. Seiei Jack — The Fake Project
25. Jen Sandwich — False Memories
26. Shatter Wax — Electro Acoustic Cottage Visitation
27. John Wiggins — JAN Zoom Samples String (2018)
28. Dave Fuglewicz — The Near Bygone Days
29. Jeff Central — HAL No
30. Francesco Aprile — Zen poem
31. W.A.Davison — Broken Radio Loops
32. Hal McGee — microcassette assemblage for Electronic Cottage
33. Hal Harmon — Zap...Yer Dead On Arrival
34. David Nadeau -- Cenestopathical Caroussel

You can listen to the comp in its entirety at https://www.electroniccottage.org/hal-mcgee/electronic-cottage-compilation-004 and a CD-R can be purchased from Haltapes for $8 postage paid worldwide (PayPal to haltapes at gmail dot com)

- W.A.Davison