The Long Play episode 1 + a gig!

Two announcements today:

1) I am very much looking forward to performing in a duo with Mr. Neal Retke tomorrow evening at Track Could Bend #35! Neal and I have previously collaborated on recordings, and had one really great free-form jam/recording session at my studio, but this is the first time we have performed publicly as a duo. Expect the gates of Hell to open...or at least some strange, possibly obscene, objects to be flailed about.

Track Could Bend #35 (Bim Prongs & {AN} EeL / N A V I / Love Children of the Apocalypse)

improvised music + weird rock offshoots, presented by Mechanical Forest Sound

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
The Belljar Café / 2072 Dundas St. West, Toronto

PWYC / doors @ 8 / show @ 9 / done @ 11
[the start time is not B.S. — this will start on time!]

1) The Bim Prongs & {AN} EeL
2) N A V I
3) Love Children of the Apocalypse


2) The first episode of my new radio art project "The Long Play" is online now at Mixcloud!

"The Long Play" is an intense, long-form examination of distressed vinyl, specifically a single LP from my collection of found records. Through extreme speed change, time-shifting, compression and EQ, each track of the LP has been stretched out to approximately 30 minutes, virtually erasing the original musical content, and taking on the character of a "field recording", a strange and surreal psychogeography of a place that does not exist. One track of the 12 track LP will be released per month over the course of 2018. This is the January 2018 episode (released a little late, sorry about that!).

- W.A.Davison