My 10-second film "Isotopes" will be screened as part of the "Disaster!" Anijam, presented by Toronto Animated Image Society. Details follow:

TAIS is excited to announce the Anijam competition films!
On July 30th, the TAIS Animation Showcase programme will feature 10-second Anijam animations by these 14 artists:

(listed alphabetically)
- William Allinson (Toronto)
- Adso Almeida Papandrea (Toronto/Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
- Jett Atwood (San Francisco, USA)
- William Davison (Toronto)
- Evan DeRushie (Toronto)
- Bryce Hallett & Catherine Erhardt (Toronto)
- Chris Jack (Toronto)
- Kirsten Johnson (Toronto)
- Elina Lex (Toronto)
- Tanya Read (Toronto)
- Shayan Saeidi (Ottawa/Tehran, Iran)
- Paul Scott (Hamilton)
- Jenn Snider (Toronto)
- Carolyn Tripp (Toronto)

Geary Lane - 360 Geary Ave., Toronto
TICKETS $10 advance / $12 door / $8 door TAIS members
Advance Tickets, available now:

Hope to see you there!

- W.A.Davison