The Bim Prongs website

In my last post I mentioned the possibility of setting up a Bandcamp page for The Bim Prongs. I've decided, for the time being at least, not to use Bandcamp. It's a little too "commercial" for my liking. So, I've set up a small website and a Soundcloud profile for the project instead.

If you're interested in downloading The Bim Prongs debut release "Walking In Rhythm" you may do so from the Soundcloud profile (and printable artwork is here).

I think Soundcloud limits the number of downloads to something like 100. Not entirely sure about that, but if it turns out you are unable to download the track from Soundcloud, just shoot me an email  - davison (at) recordism (dot) com - and I'll hook you up.


- William A. Davison

PS: I humbly accept "tips". If you're interested in supporting my work in some small way, feel free to paypal me at davison (at) recordism (dot) com. Any amount is greatly appreciated! This form of patronage is one way of ensuring the continuing availability of new work as I move towards making more of my work freely accessible on the internet.