Stactor Colour Out Of Space video

M.Stactor (W.A.Davison) performing at Colour Out Of Space festival, Brighton, UK, Nov. 2013.

From the COOS catalog:

"M.Stactor - One of many aliases adopted by W.A.Davison, a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist who has been producing various forms of largely Dada/Surrealist-inspired art and otherworldly sonics for over 30 years. In this time he’s unwaveringly pursued interests in aleatoric music and automatic creative processes, his performances often stemming from specific environments, making use of audience response, accidents and found props. His projects include Songs of the New Erotics, Th W rbl r, Urban Refuse Group, and Six Heads. Davison has collaborated with members of CCMC, Nihilist Spasm Band, AMM and Nurse With Wound."

True to form, "Found Sounds Of Brighton" takes a rigorously chance-driven approach to experimental music performance. All of the sound sources used in the piece were found or purchased in Brighton just prior to the performance - objects were taken from skips or bought at charity shops or the local Poundland, sounds around the venue and nearby streets were recorded on microcassette, and the vinyl that appears at the end of the piece was also purchased at a local charity shop (respectfully massacring the music of UK jazz legend Kenny Ball who, unbeknownst to the performer, had just passed away earlier in 2013). Even the "Queen Borat" mask was hastily constructed hours before the show using two celebrity paper masks purchased at a local pound store.

The performance itself was entirely improvised using a contact microphone, Boss RC-20 Loopstation, two microcassette players, and the "chopstick turntable".

This video edit was constructed by W.A.Davison and presents the performance in its entirety. Video clips shot by S.Higgins on a borrowed digital snap camera.