Six Heads at NSB LP Launch

Six Heads will be performing this Sat., May 12th as part of the launch for the new Nihilist Spasm Band LP "Nothing Is Forever". Details follow:

Saturday, May 12, 2012
DoubleDoubleLand, 209 Augusta Ave., Toronto

Wintage Records & Tapes spring fling LP launch party for the...

Nihilist Spasm Band
launch party for their new LP "Nothing is Forever" out now on Wintage Records & Tapes

... with special guests...

Canada's heavyweight king of junk metal harsh noise!!

Six Heads
oozing sound's for the creep-a-delic sound collage set

Roman Pilates
Wintage CEO baked fresh from a recent tour of Europe/Scandinavia. Tapes, electronics, junk metal combine for harsh noise/drone ear flushing!

Wintage spring record deals to be had at the show!

Doors 9pm
$10 admission

Hope to see you there!

- William A. Davison