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More blog action for the SIX HEADS "Cardboard Oracle" LP:

New audio project CINDER (Craig, Davison, Fellows) has Bandcamp and Facebook pages:

An archival release from the long-defunct URBAN REFUSE GROUP (precursors to Six Heads) out now on Inyrdisk:

...and while you're visiting the Inyrdisk site you may notice several other Recordist-related releases such as CONSPIRACY OF FAMILIAR OBJECTS "No Greek" (2007), TH  W RBL R "Then I Saw Your Smile" (2007), VARIOUS ARTISTS "Street Liquors" (2010), JAMES BAILEY "Off Air" (2011), and I even get a mixing credit on the VORVIS/HAINEY "III" release (2011).

Last but certainly not least, there's a new Stactor vid on Youtube for your viewing and listening (dis)pleasure:

- William A. Davison