official bootleg review

A "review" for the Six Heads "Official Bootleg" cassette appeared in Offerings magazine this month. Since it's not online I'm reprinting it here:

Six Heads Official Bootleg cassette (Wintage) by Seth Scriver

Well it's garbage night in Vectorspace and Six Heads' Official Bootleg is picking up the trash.

Inside its liquid filled bathtub garbage ship its lethargic dremel operator travels from pile to pile with wind chimes and filthy teddy bears tied to its front grill. The brahhppts and blips of the slowly breaking down garbage ship is accompanied by the odd piece of space junk it's collecting. On top of all this there is someone that is projecting the pulse of his squadron and his name is the Squeaker and he has a couple of drugged ferrets in his pocket.

Mr. Scriver's all-too-accurate account of our operations leads me to wonder if he may in fact be a stowaway aboard our little cosmic garbage scow! Come to think of it, I did notice the laundry hamper was wiggling around a bit more than usual! Time to break out the electric cattle prod...

- William A. Davison