Six Heads tomorrow!

Jeezlaweez, these shows do have a tendency to creep up on me! Almost forgot to announce this one! Six Heads is playing tomorrow evening (Sat. Dec. 11) as part of the Wintage 5-Year Anniversary Fest. Here are the details:


Wintage is celebrating 5 years of releasing some of the most progressive & experimental sounds by Toronto artists, as well as those from across the globe. This fest will celebrate new Wintage releases by local free-punk duo Preanderthals, harsh noise legend Knurl, Matt Dunn’s Transcendental Rodeo and a split between free-spazz duo Gravitons & Sonic Youth front man Thurston Moore!

This fest will also coincide with Coolfest Toronto on Dec 9th & 12th, a traveling avant fest curated by Blake Hargreaves and now taking place in 5 different cities this Year. All proceeds will go towards the St. James Drop In Centre in Montreal.

Check out all the details below. Come to every show & get a special Wintage Super Fan Prize Pack on Sunday!

Poster soon, get busy, get psyched. Support weird music in Toronto!

Wednesday December 8th 2010
Roman Pilates
Transcendental Rodeo
Pon De Replay
@ Korova Milk Bar (488 College St)
9pm, PWYC

Thursday December 9th 2010
co-presented with Fluorescent Friends/Coolfest & Burn Down The Capital
Failing Lights (mem. Wolf Eyes/Hair Police)
Stare Case (mem. Wolf Eyes)
Sick Llama
Cotton Museum
@ Teranga (159 Augusta Ave)
9pm, $6


Friday December 10th 2010
co-presented with Burn Down The Capital
Poverty Hymns
Keir Neuringer
Bonsai Forestry
installations by Jeff Garcia
@ Tranzac (292 Brunswick Ave)
9:30pm, $5


Saturday December 11th 2010
Man Made Hill
Six Heads
@ 460 (460 Spadina Ave)
9pm, PWYC

Sunday December 12th 2010
co-presented with Fluorescent Friends/Coolfest & Burn Down The Capital
James Ferraro
Twig Harper
Chaw Mank
@ Teranga (159 Augusta Ave)
9pm, $6



Roman Pilates:
Transcendental Rodeo:
Pon De Replay:

Failing Lights:
Stare Case:
Sick Llama:
Cotton Museum:

Poverty Hymns:
Keir Neuringer:
Bonsai Forestry:

Man Made Hill:
Six Heads:

James Ferraro:
Twig Harper:
Chaw Mank:


Hope to see you tomorrow night!

- William A. Davison