Several announcements that could have been made a month ago, had I had the time (still highly relevant though!):

1) The recording from Magic Tits' debut performance last December has now been made available as a 3" CDR on Disembraining Songs. More info at

2) United Automatons Dispatch, the series of one-page art zines I started last year, is now up to issue #9. All 9 issues are available from me. Info at

3) I have a new one-page comic called "Gloon!" in issue #3 of Fiona Smyth's wonderful comic/art anthology series The Wilding. Check out for further information.

4) Some changes at That stale, old "The Recordists" website that used to represent the collective activities of The Recordists has been taken offline. In its place stands a shiny, new Myspace page -

Henceforth, this Myspace page will represent the current and upcoming collective activities of The Recordists as well as hosting a fair bit of archival material.

We are also working on a much more comprehensive online archive of Recordist artifacts, not surprisingly called "The Recordist Archive", but it will likely be a number of months before it sees the light of day. Eventually, the Myspace page and the archive site will work together to provide a more thorough coverage of The Recordists' collective activities than any of our previous websites.

- William A. Davison