Svankmajer improvisations

As I mentioned last week, Colin Fisher and I will be providing an improvised soundtrack for Jan Svankmajer's short film "A Quiet Week In The House". I thought it was later in the month but as it turns out it is happening this Friday! Details follow:

Leftover Daylight
Fri., June 19

i - carl didur solo
[carl didur (piano)]

ii - fisher/ martin/ salek
[colin fisher (guitar) jean martin (drums, laptop) araz salek (tar)]

iii - sounds to jan svankmajer short movies

tichy tyden v dome (quiet week in the house) [20']
colin fisher (guitar) william davison (objects)

byt (the flat) [12'43'']
nicole rampersaud (trumpet)

Leftover Daylight at Somewhere There
340 Dufferin St., Toronto
(one block south of Queen Street, entrance from Melbourne Ave.)

- William