Somehow, even though it came out almost a month ago, I neglected to inform you all of my appearance on "Dictaphonia 1"! Gosh, it's just so dadblasted hard to keep up with it all!

Anyhoo, "Dictaphonia 1" is the first in a series of various artist compilation tapes put out by legendary DIY music/hometaper Hal Mcgee. All the music/sound on the Dictaphonia releases are recorded on microcassette and, yes, the series itself is only available in the microcassette format! I have my contributor's copy of volume 1 and it is very cool! "Dictaphonia 2" has just been released and "Dictaphonia 3" is being compiled as we speak. Check out Hal's Dictaphonia blog for further details - http://dictaphonia.blogspot.com/

I said the series is only available in the microcassette format but this isn't entirely true as Hal is making the tracks available as free MP3 downloads from his website. Quoting from his Myspace blog:

DICTAPHONIA Microcassette Compilation 1 is now available in its entirety online for free downloading and streaming audio, including bonus material not available on the tape:

recordings by Dave X, Su Sous Toulouse En Rouge, Kathy Burkett, Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo, Otolathe, IWANTTOKILLEVERYHUMAN, Mike Khoury, Black Beast Of Arrrghhh, Horseflesh, Vagina Teeth/Jesus Teeth, William A. Davison, Homogenized Terrestrials, Krysten Davis, Violet, Fiver's Stereo, Hal McGee, 3D-MAN, Chefkirk, Ironing, Concrete Violin, Jeph Jerman, Blind Umizato, Dave Fuglewicz, Big City Orchestra, Waterdigger

DICTAPHONIA Microcassette Compilation 1 is still available in its original microcassette format.
$6.00 postage paid USA and Canada
$7.00 Air Mail postage paid everywhere else
PayPal to haltapes1 @ aol dot com

And you will note that physical copies of "Dictaphonia 1" are still available from Hal and I highly recommend picking one up and supporting the project.

My contribution to "Dictaphonia 1" is a 3-minute noise guitar improvisation similar to the "Plyas Het Giutra" CD I put out in 2006 (http://www.recordism.com/dissongs/DSCatalogue.html) which was also recorded on microcasette.

- William