De Tranen Van Eros

I'm taking part in an exhibition in The Netherlands this month. The show is called "De Tranen Van Eros" ("Tears Of Eros") and it features art in a variety of media inspired and informed by the work of George Bataille. It's happening at an exhibition space called De Werkplaats in Amersfoort, Netherlands and it runs for about a month starting on March 15. My contribution consists of a drawing and a video soundtrack (video by Jan Kees Helms). Other participants in the show include Jan Kees Helms (Netherlands), Hybryds (Belgium), and Nico Pronk (Netherlands).

For a small gallery, De Werkplaats boasts a pretty impressive roster of artists, as a quick perusal of their schedule for the early part of 2009 will reveal.

18 Januar: IJzig Vuur (Icy Fire)
with Alejandra Slutzky and Frans de Waard (NL)

15 Februar: De schreeuw (The Scream)
with Jos Smolders (NL)

15 March: De Tranen van Eros (Tears of Eros)
with W.A. Davison (Canada), Hybryds (Belgium) and Nico Pronk (NL)

19 April: De schoonheid van verval (Beauty of Decay)
with GX Jupitter-Larsen (U.S.A.) and photogroup deeez! (NL)

17 May: Safety Instructions with Illusion of Safety (U.S.A.)

21 June: Spiegelingen (Reflections) with Puin + Hoop (NL) en Faye Wouterson (NL)

If you're in the vicinity of Amersfoort this month, drop by De Werkplaats and check out what's happening. Hopefully some documentation from this show will also appear on the net somewhere (I'll let you all know if and when that happens). De Werkplaats' blog can be found at

- William