Happy to say I've been selected by FADO Performance Art Centre to participate in their current artist residency project "Performance Resolution(s)!"

Some of you may know that I was involved in performance art for many years, as a performer and occasional curator (including being on the steering committee for 7a*11d Festival). Some of you may also know I've been away from it for quite a while. Looking forward to digging into this residency!

My project is called "Re-Solutions" and involves selecting non-performance-based works from my archive - poetic writing, drawings, collages, sound pieces, etc. - and reworking them in a performance/live art context. The residency is focused on studio work rather than on producing and presenting finished works for an audience, so I'm not sure how much of what I produce for the residency (in the form of experimental works for video) will be made available for public viewing. I will be certain to let you all know if and when anything is publicly presented.

Many thanks to FADO for giving me this opportunity!

- William A. Davison