GFR, Stactor, Forktine

Haven't been doing too many live shows lately but I do have something coming up this weekend, performing as M.Stactor at YYZ Gallery. Here are the details:

YYZ is pleased to announce the launch of our newly improved Membership Program. To celebrate, YYZ is hosting a special event featuring some of Toronto’s most creative sound artists: FORKTINE, GASTRIC FEMALE REFLEX, and M.STACTOR.
* One-night only: Receive a free limited edition t-shirt designed by Jacob Horwood with the purchase of a YYZMEMBERSHIP.
Twenty-first century experimental composition. Both hat and hatless performance. Instrument building and the act of dropping it on the way to the gig. The spirit of forgetting your sheet music only to call it indeterminism. Crash course in clown sounds, by the graduating class of the BBC Radiophonic workshop of non-unionized plagiarists. Presented by Old MacDonald Had A Farm at half speed.

FORKTINE is a noise/musique concrète project based in Toronto, Canada. Though not exclusively a solo project, Forktine was instigated and organized by Colin Hinz. The project formed as an outgrowth from Hinz’ history of building unusual, one-of-a-kind musical instruments that began in the late 1980s. These instruments have various forms, borrowing from historic mechanical musical instruments, junkyard or toy parodies of contemporary instruments, circuit-bending, mechanical gadgetry, and plain-old electronics engineering. In addition to the Forktine project, Hinz has used these instruments in numerous performances with the improvisational ensembles Six Heads and The Urban Refuse Group, and has documented their construction in the journal Experimental Musical Instruments.
GASTRIC FEMALE REFLEX was started out of necessity –to punctuate awkward expanses and embarrassed silences– pecking at them with lugubrious beaks and soft spit marmalade, the sound of shitty winds through dildo trees. It began under strenuous circumstances –near strangers in cramped subterranean dwellings, nowhere to sit but the bed (on top of the sheets)– groping, bewildered in the sonic darkness of a monolithic uncertainty, and admittedly, inadequacy. Though, for all their shortcomings as musicians, they still succeeded in producing over 30 albums worth of manic, rollicking, often insufferable gesticulations on a host of international labels. Once upon a time they had toured Europe extensively and performed at several festivals where they were unilaterally ignored. These days, every show is their last. Once every couple of months Jacob Horwood and Andrew Zukerman will rise from their convalescent beds, dust off their reel to reels and subject themselves to the torture of being in a band that sounds like shit. Eventually it will die a quiet death, be buried with its stupid name and nobody will be the wiser. RIP GFR.

M.STACTOR  (W.A.Davison) is a multi-disciplinary artist originally from Nova Scotia. He studied fine art at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and experimental music at Dalhousie University. His work has been exhibited, performed, and presented at numerous Canadian and International festivals. As a musician, composer, improviser, and instrument-builder, Davison has appeared in hundreds of performances as both a solo artist and in various groups and ad hoc collectives. His recorded work spans close to thirty years and has been distributed on small labels, through informal networks around the world. He remains a true experimentalist and a stalwart proponent of independent/DIY music production and dissemination. Davison has been a prominent member of Toronto’s improvising, noise, and experimental music communities since the early 90′s. He has received support from the Toronto Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Canada Council for the Arts. Davison has been living and working in Toronto since 1989.

YYZ Gallery is located in the 401 Richmond St. W. arts complex in downtown Toronto.

Should be a good time and you can't beat the price! Hope to see you there.

- William A. Davison