Synchronicity #448,329

Okay, I made that number up. I'm not actually counting all the strange, seemingly meaningful or significant coincidences in my life. If I were, I'm sure the actual number would be much higher! I do however, when I can remember to do it, like to make note of them as they occur. Here's one from yesterday morning.

Sherri comes into the studio carrying a book. There's a picture in the book she wants me to see. It's El Greco's portrait of Cardinal Fernando Nino de Guevara, Grand Inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition (I know what you're one expects The Spanish Inquisition!). Sherri was struck by the groovy looking pair of spectacles ol' Ferny was wearing, considering the portrait is from c. 1569.

Here's the picture -

Grand Inquisitor

Now the weird bit. As Sherri entered the room, book in hand, I was on Youtube watching an episode of the 1973 Canadian science-fiction TV series "The Starlost". Here's the image that was on the screen as Sherri presented me with the grand Inquisitor's portrait -

ARK computer

Now is it just me, or is there a striking similarity between these two images? Holy Crap! I mean, it's not just the dudes with the beards and the specs (virtually identical specs, you'll note!) but the oval frames the dudes are in and even the reddish hues of their uniforms! Good gosh, what does it all mean?!

- William